Market value is the lifeblood of any WEB 3 project, representing the value and profitability of the project. In the blockchain world, the market value of a project is almost 100% reflected in the secondary market.

The results of unprofessional market-making operations and market value management will be very intuitive on the K-line. Poor charts will make public investors lose confidence. Inexperienced and unplanned strategies will make token prices difficult to stabilize in the rapidly changing secondary market.

Therefore, the project decision-makers will definitely build or outsource a market-making team. Excellent strategists and traders use modern AI Grand Fintech toolkits to manage the price and trend of tokens while ensuring sufficient trading liquidity and trading volume, so as to realize the profitability and development of the project.


Mainly sideways prices, Poor liquidity, Wide Gaps In Price Spreads, Poor Trading Depth, and Difficulty In Achieving Profitability


Occasional Price Fluctuations, Market Price Jumps, Poor Trading Depth, None 7×24 Maintenance, High Loss Of Market-making Funds


Active Trading Liquidity, Clean K-line, Tight Handicap, Smooth Transaction Depth, Prevention Of Arbitrage, Data Statistics and Analysis, Self-developed AI Grand Fintech Toolkit

It is a market-making execution and market value management toolkit independently developed by the GRANDBIT team. It has been running stably for more than 140 large and small Token projects for 7 years. It has been updated continuously and has the following characteristics:

  1. Security guarantee: a local strategy to ensure data security and independent operation, Risk A+ risk control system.
  2. High-speed transactions: Directly connected to the exchange to ensure transaction speed, with a transaction throughput of 1,000 transactions per second.
  3. Comprehensive interface: supports mainstream transaction interfaces, strong adaptability, and perfect API encapsulation.
  4. Flexible deployment: The market-making strategy can be deployed to any server node with the fastest transaction speed and remotely controlled in real-time.
  5. Patrol trading: Automatically trade between markets, customize automatic trading strategies, and provide users with more realistic trading links. Automatically carry out batch two-way transactions to reduce the risk of token fluctuations; solve the problem of insufficient depth of manual transactions, one-click shop depth, one-click cancellation of orders to avoid risks, avoid going out of the weaving line, the sky-ground line, avoid the gap in the market, and the large price difference between buying and selling, resulting in Clip trading issues; and meet any size trading volume needs.

For user funds, cooperate with us. In the CEX trading environment, the customer’s funds are in their own accounts, and we do not directly use the customer’s market-making funds; in the DEX trading environment, we implement market-making funds through contract calls for transactions, there is no need to obtain the customer’s private key and mnemonic.

In the face of market risks, at the macro level, we rely on our professional and experienced customized strategies to allow the project to avoid decision-making risks and realize strategic profit expectations in advance; at the micro level, we use a series of self-developed AI Grand Fintech toolkits to cooperate with 7×24 manual monitoring to deal with market fluctuations that may occur every second.

As a modern Crypto market capitalization management team, GRANDBIT had been offering the following services to clients for a long time:

  1. TOKEN’s market-making and trading services and strategy customization and execution on CEX and DEX exchanges.
  2. NFT market value, transaction volume maintenance, strategy customization, and execution under decentralized trading.
  3. Market-making robot leasing, providing a market-making tool with strict risk control and convenient operation (a simplified version of AI Grand Fintech Toolkit).
  4. Market value strategy consulting service, tailor-made suitable market value strategy for projects.
  5. Token listing, helping project tokens successfully land on suitable exchanges.
  6. Relevant marketing services, based on maintaining currency prices to help customers connect with industry resources such as wallets and market stations.
  1. Charge a monthly fee
  2. Strategy customization, communicate with you about the project situation and formulate the most suitable market value strategy
  3. Docking using AI Grand Fintech Toolkit
  4. Opening price maintenance
  5. Daily token price and liquidity maintenance
  6. Statistical analysis of daily reports
  7. Weekly meeting debriefing
  8. Profit sharing on a regular basis

1. Market-making services charge monthly fees (strategy consulting fee, opening price maintenance fee, daily labor fees, AI Grand Fintech Toolkit fee, and third-party server fee), as well as project profit sharing.

2. Market-making robot rental is paid monthly (market-making robot usage fee and third-party server fee).

3. Market value strategy consulting, a one-time fee is charged according to the project.

Token listing and other token marketing services fees are determined according to third-party quotation. Please contact us for the specific cost to help you obtain the most cost-effective quotation in the market.

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