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so we bring GrandBit, a premium crypto market maker.

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Market making

According to the needs of the project side, provide market making strategies and toimplement, provide daily data reports, and make regular analysis feedback and suggestions.

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Market Making Robot

The market-making robot, which has been polished and adjusted for 4 years, provides a multi-functional robot integrating liquidity, trading, bulk buying and selling, and risk control.

Additional Service

Token listing

To selsect and connect exchanges for project parties and assist them to complete a series of complicated procedures on tokens.

Cutting-Edge Market Making Strategy

GrandBit is an experienced cryptosurrency market maker, which focuses on providing strategic consultants, market-making robot for CEX and DEX, as well as docking services on the tokens for the project party. And built a good reputation in the industry for a long time.

Flexible Strategies

The strategy is tailored, and constantly adjusted according to the market and operation pace.

Strict Risk Management

Strictly implement risk management to guard against the wear and tear of arbitrage robots and others.

High Perfomance

We are highly focused on your goals and that achieve superior business results.

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Our References

– – Alex, Chief Financial Officer of a GameFi                                                                                                                 GrandBit is a very professional market-making team with a strong sense of risk control

– – Fanny, Chief Operating Officer of a Meme project                                                                                               Grand Bit not only helps the project make the market, but also gives us a lot of help in the operation strategy

– – Jason, Chief Executive Officer Of a mining coin                                                                                                          We are very grateful to the GrandBit team, they not only be perfect on market making with their professional skills, but also provide a lot of high-quality resources for our project.